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1/35 M.A.S 563 Seriea

Dear all my friend!

This is my favorite Dio.
I made this 5 years ago.
I wanted to make Italy’s navy and citizens feeling at that time.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

32 responses to 1/35 M.A.S 563 Seriea

  1. Outstanding, nothing more to say. Bravo.

  2. Unusual subject made in a dio that includes several also unusual bystanders, like the trolley and the civilians (the priest is a nice addition considering the place where this takes place). All made into a fantastic scenario made with love and top skills. Great work, impressive to anyone who sees it

  3. Very imaginative and hugely skilful project. Spent ages just looking at is and finding little set pieces. A fantastic and inspiring work.

  4. Wonderfully busy diorama!

  5. Better and better! The lighting and composition are phenominal! The human element!

  6. Exquisite craftsmanship, sir…at first glance, I thought that headline pic was real!

  7. This is a stunning masterpiece. The quality and detail is exceptional. It must of taken you forever to complete! I love the subject matter and how you worked this boat into a setting. Captured a moment in time. Photos are exceptional also.

  8. What Paul said. Such a complete story there.

  9. Simply brilliant! Love all of the stories woven together into a single slice of time. The execution an detail are phenomenal.


  11. It’s just amazing! You’ve really captured the moments of everyday life.

  12. You can feel the passion that went into this dio, the moment of the day, despite what is going on not far from this town, life goes on. I looked at each image for a long time feeling the ambiance of the setting, even down to the expressions of the individual faces tells a story. Just simply outstanding!!! Bravo….there is so much more to this story going on.

  13. Very nice dio! I like the evening shots you made!

  14. Hello Young Min,
    It almost looks real, meaning it has life in it.
    This most have costed many hours of planning and executing.
    Best diorama I have seen so far this year.
    Highest Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  15. You are another Master Modelmaker. Bravo!

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