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Aurora Creature “From the Black Lagoon”

actually the Monogram knock off

26 responses to Aurora Creature “From the Black Lagoon”

  1. A menacing lookin’ “thing” there, Mr. Mack….good to see ya (been a while) .

  2. thank’s Craig…they were looking for you at that other place

  3. Bob. Here I am waiting at a train station, in a pretty foul mood (didn’t sleep well, very long day ahead) and then I opened this! You singlehandedly turned my day around.
    I loved these old Aurora kits (King Kong, Frankenstein’s monster, the Wolf Man, the whole crew). The ‘Creature’ is my favourite, couldn’t say why, loved all of those ‘Friday night Creature Features’ as a kid.
    This was a real blast from the past; innocent, happy, long summer days with friends and movies.
    Cheers, Bob, and thanks.

  4. Good to see you back stranger.
    Nice job on the Creature sire.
    Reminds me of the Mother-in-law.

  5. Great looking “Creature,” Bob. I remember when the original models appeared.

  6. Nice paint work and highlighting! Looks just like I remembered…

  7. What a great blast from the past!

    • glad you enjoyed it Rob you’ve given us so many excellent blasts

      • How ’bout this..

        2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

        • awesome color…all he wanted was the girl but the zoo keepers at marine land hunted him down and chained him to the bottom of a swimming pool constantly electric prodding him and drugging him to boot in “revenge of the creature”

  8. This must be the first one I’ve seen built. Gets your attention, doesn’t he?

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