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MiG-25 PDS “Foxbat”

MiG-25PDS, belonged to 146th Guardian Fighter Aviation Regiment by the name 60th anniversary of VLKSM (youth communist organisation in USSR), 8th Separate Aerial Army of USSR Air Defence System, Vasilkov, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, 1986. In 1983 Regiment was named by 60th anniversary. VLKSM and in 1984 some MiG-25 aircraft have new badges on both side air intakes. After breakdown of USSR, 146th FR was put under Ukrainian Ministry of Defence command, some MiG-25’s with the bagdes was taken Ukrainian national insignia.

Model: Kitty Hawk KH 80119 MiG-25 PD/PDS Foxbat in 1:48
– MiG-25 Foxbat – Decals / 1:48 – Begemot Decals – 48010
– MiG-25 Foxbat Stencils – Decals / 1:48 – Begemot Decals – 48011
Masks: Eduard EX416 miG-25PD/PDS 1/48
– Rockets: Eduard Brassin 648082 1/48 Soviet R-60/AA-8 Aphid
– russian missile r-40td aa-6d acrid (for mig-25) plus. Model resin 1/48
Wheels: Barracuda 1/48 #R48289 MiG-25 Foxbat Main and Nose Wheels
Pitot tube: master 48130 1/48 metall mikoyan mig-25pd/pds
Cockpit PE Parts: Eduard 1/48 Mikoyan MiG-25PD/PDS Foxbat # 49669
Air intakes: Eduard Accessories 48808 MiG-25 Foxbat air intakes F.O.D. f.K.Ha in 1:48

10 responses to MiG-25 PDS “Foxbat”

  1. Very nice job, sir….love that weathering/finish/detail work you achieved.

  2. What a great brute of an aircraft! Looks like it was “rode hard, left out to dry”. Not your pretty airplane, purposeful and menacing. An impressive and well done build. I’ve been taken with the aircraft ever since Belenko defected.

  3. Very impressive. Great result with a kit I am told “presents challenges.”

  4. I like the Mig-25. Along with the flanker, It’s the only russian jet I have any desire to build. Your worn & abused Mig is a gem Rafael, though reading all that AM stuff you listed, it sounds like you payed twice for this kit

  5. Great job and photography, Rafael.
    This one’s supposed to be one of my next projects and I’m grateful for the shopping list …

  6. Very realistic!

  7. Very nice! Heavy weathering gives it a very “used” look.

  8. Very nice work. Too heavily weathered by my opinion, but the techniques used are extremely well done!

  9. Really well done, Rafael.

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