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April 6, 2018 · in Photo Collections · 15 Comments

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  1. What exactly is that thing in Pic2?

  2. Number 3 taking of was good but I'd like to see him land it again !, hey Rob are you going to be at Cosford on Sunday ?

    • Think he lands on water and is winched aboard (Well, the ones with floats do. Don’t know about this guy!).

      Re Cosford- no, mate, can’t make it this year.

  3. Hey- I see a Horten!

  4. Told you it belonged in an Area 51 hangar, George.

  5. Does Horten see a Who?

  6. Never sure what to comment about these posts. Always interesting, but not sure what the point is in relation to building models?

    • Mainly to show subjects in their original context, outside the pristine modelling bubble. There are also related links - factory work, civilian population, rear guard activities- that can broaden insights into a subject area, and which might be an inspiration for further subject research by modellers, or for dioramas, for example.

      This is a social modelling site, after all, which encourages a broad exchange of ideas in the subject areas. If all that was required was a series of plodding posts about glueing part A to part B and what colour they were painted, then other modelling sites are always available, but this is the difference between these sites and iM.

      Re commenting, it could be said that with No Comment as the strap line, literally no comment would be the order of the day, and I would take the absence of comments as a kind of validation of interest, in a zen sort of way.


      • I agree on all points, Rob. I'd just add that as a weekend modeler (at best), I find other sites can be one dimensional. That's not a criticism as much as an opinion based on what I enjoy, and largely driven by the fact I can't build nearly as much as I'd like to. The banter, philosophy, history, silliness, etc, really allows me connect to friends across a whole range of interests relating (however tenuously) to the plastic arts.

        Social Scale Modeling, indeed.

        Still can't forgive you for ending the Friday Briefing, though.

        • I know, sorry, but impossible to maintain the quantity of images to the standard I set myself, on a perpetual basis. Still, with NC, small is beautiful (and manageable).

  7. Modeling is about a Zen sense.

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