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Notes from the Asylum (Weekend Pass)

After my recent rant re models, model shows and their ilk, I sat myself down and gave myself of piece of my mind. As usual, I was the only one in the room, and the nurse, long familiar with my babbling aloud to myself, only glanced in through the secure window once, and looked a bit bored at that.

Later, to my surprise, I was let out under supervision, but I managed to lose them immediately, make my way to Karaya models, purchase two model kits (That’s correct, TWO model kits.) and return to my room with no one the wiser.

My new modelling tack, on the road to my modelling rehabilitation, is to return to my first love, Great War aircraft, not the high-end, all-consuming WnW offerings, but relatively obscure subjects in quarter scale, in this case Polish firm Karaya’s version of Germany’s principal reconnaissance aircraft, the DFW C.V, a superior resin kit of exceptional detail, complete with beautiful PE frets and markings for three aircraft. Image 4 here, for example, shows the extraordinary detail of the Benz Bz IV engine.

The second model is Karaya’s 1/48 Italian scout, the Ansaldo A.1 Balilla, also in resin: more anon, but for now a new start and a second wind with the superb DFW C.V.

Should add that my turnbuckles are from Bob’s Buckles, having had a few left over from my Halberstadt build a few months ago.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

26 responses to Notes from the Asylum (Weekend Pass)

  1. Rob, Well done! I’m not familiar with either of these aircraft or the kits – but I will look forward to seeing how you get on. Good Luck.

  2. Rob, my friend, I do believe we need to adjust your medications. It would appear that your condition is not responding to treatment…

    Please pass along my greetings to Nurse Ratched if you happen to see her.

  3. Good luck sir, and Jaime is right, they need to sort out your medication.

  4. Your rehabilitation seems to be coming along nicely…be careful with those sharp objects.

  5. You crack me up. Great bit prose to start off a Friday. The kit looks like great fun, look forward to WIP updates.

  6. I’m SOO GLAD the inmates are once again running the asylum!

  7. Rob. Well done for achieving your small taste of freedom. However, now that we have you back in the fold again we can reacquaint you with your favourite jacket. The one with the long arms and their very own turnbuckles at the back.

    Ze whole ‘multiple personality disorder’ thing will not work. You know you want to build. Embrace your inner child, revel in the plastic, make some twisted dioramas that reflect your barely repressed trauma, hide your demons in plane (sic) sight, nurture your imaginary friends and send them regular images from your dark and troubled soul. Create your own realities, and set yourself truly free.

    Just, please, think of reinstating the occasional ‘Friday Briefing’.


  8. Ha, found your Kryptonite!

  9. Hmmm this Asylum . What is it’s name? Cracker Pots palace, Wondering Highs or Waverly Hills?

    What kind of airplane glue can you use…so many questions to be asked and so little time.

  10. Stephen, I tend to just call it the ‘Big House’. We are open to most, but people who build old Monogram B-25 Mitchells have a special corner…

  11. I like the blue one, good luck with it Rob.

  12. Reality. What a concept. Looking forward or onward to the build my friend, Not to familiar with these aircraft either, but I bet my pop would have been [He’s since has gone back to Mars]. he would’ve loved this site.

  13. Those look really interesting. I was unaware of them, but I’m looking forward to seeing them in progress. Good therapy, we hope. I started out on Auroras WW I aircraft. Rigged with carpet thread. Hi tech stuff!

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