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1/48 Supermarine Walrus.

This is the new Airfix kit built pretty much out of the box with the exception of Classic Airframes decals and Eduard seat belts added. I also had to drill a hole and fabricate an antenna post on the top of the rudder. Odd that this was missing from the kit. This is the nicest kit that I’ve ever had the pleasure of building. My previous favorites included the Eduard Spitfire, WNW Pfalz D.III, and the AM F3F-1. It’s engineered every bit as good as a WNW kit. I painted it with Humbrol enamels and rigged it with stainless steel wire. The wooden radio operator’s and navigator’s tables were done with oil paint over acrylic tan. I simulated some light salt stains with crushed pastel chalk. It represents a Walrus aboard HMS Victorious after the Okinawa campaign.

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32 responses to 1/48 Supermarine Walrus.

  1. Well done John. On my “to get list”

  2. Turned out nicely, John…..beautiful job.

  3. Really nice build. Good looking model and paint scheme. Thanx for feedback on the kit b/c this one has been on my recent to do list. Really want to build so its great to know what a nice kit it is. Like that u used SS wire for rigging. How did u attach the SS wire and keep tension on it b/c it looks great, very realistic?

    • Thanks Paul. I’ve been using SS wire for rigging for awhile. I measure the distance between anchor points with a draftsman’s divider and cut the wire to length. On this one, I drilled out the anchor points that Airfix provides as dimples. I cut the wire a bit long and superglued them at both ends. I used EZ line for the antenna.

  4. Fine work John, impressive despite its rather dull camouflage. Inspiring work no doubt

  5. Hey John, Very nice. Since reading the Raiding Forces series by Phil Ward, this kit is on my want to purchase list.

  6. Great job John, love it.

  7. That turned out really nice! Mine is in sub-assemblies, then got put aside while writing against deadly deadlines, now met. So now I can get back to it. Thanks for the inspiration.

    That Walrus on Victorious rescued a pilot in Tokyo Bay in early August 1945. Quite a breathtaking tale.

  8. Great looking build John.

  9. Wonderful build John! Looks great all the way around.

  10. As Greg says, this is a build that looks great from every angle, clearly a lot of time and effort went into this. The rigging looks fantastic, an inspired choice to use wire as the tension looks so realistic. Lovely build.

  11. Fantastic job on another one of my favorites. I just love these odd-ball, ungainly looking birds that were such a sight for sore eyes when a downed pilot saw them.

  12. Very nice!!! Love the scheme.

  13. John, Very nice work, I really like the scheme you used, I haven’t seen that before. Is it just me or does the Walrus always look like a “Happy Plane” ?

  14. Just beautiful, John – the camo scheme colours next to each other are totally feathered, and the demarcation between upper and lower surface colours so full of contrast – looks perfect! The rigging is expertly done too – a real asset to the build! Brilliant stuff!

    • Thanks, Paul. Walrus paint schemes seem to have varied quite a bit. I suspect that is because they required a lot of paint maintenance for corrosion control. BPF ships apparently had a real hodge podge of Walrus’ assigned. Some being borrowed from the RAAF and at least one that went to sea still in silver paint.

  15. Very nice build John! Such great airplane wonderful represented. I love all the details, like the engine and the camo scheme. The rigging looks great too, for me still something to try one day.

  16. I’ll join the crowd in saying that is a great build! I’m looking forward to giving one a try – will be referring back here to your build when I start in for sure.

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