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Amazon Links in Articles

We, the makers of iModeler (Martin, Johannes and Boris) have so much fun with it, we could never spoil it with an overflow of commercials. That said, there are bills to pay: we have operational costs, a development company improving the service continuously and of course we need to create huge bills in night clubs. 🙂

Hence, here’s our early-bird approach towards bringing some income to cover the costs of iModeler.
From now on, some articles may display a footnote allowing you to buy the according model kits directly via the Amazon marketplace. The offer will be relevant to the subject of the article (most often "the kit" mentioned or used by the author), and will be clearly separated from the author's writing. And this is what it looks like:

Get this kit on Amazon
Meng Kids B-17G Flying Fortress - Plastic Model Kit Q Edition MKP001

Whenever you follow such link and and buy something, you will be supporting iModeler (thanks) but also will likely get the best price available for the item.
You may also use the links to buy other stuff at Amazon that is not related to modelling at all. That means, if you care about supporting iModeler (and like the concept of the night club bills), please don’t hesitate to use one of our links to start your shopping!

The iModeler Team,

24 responses

  1. I don't see any issues here, and I was a little concerned that this site would evidently shut down because of the costs involved with running it. Problem solved.

  2. If it helps support the site then it gets my vote.

  3. I agree ,not much in life is free and you guys give your time and effort to keep us entertained I don't see why you should pay from your own funds as well, I would sooner see a few ads and links than see iModeller eventually fall by the wayside.Go for it.

  4. Count me in among the "aye" votes as well...ya gotta do what ya gotta do, as they say. 🙂

  5. I'm in! Small price to pay to help ensure the longevity of this wonderful forum.

  6. I think it's a great idea.

  7. No issue for me guys! Have fun at the club!

  8. What ever works.

  9. No problems with this idea at all. Go for it!

  10. Great idea. And painless.

  11. Sounds like a win-win deal. The site admin get some income and we get some awareness on the average prices of kits around the globe...might be a good source for some cheaper findings.

  12. I've no problem in getting Amazon to help fund iModeler, but, unfortunately, I can't buy on Amazon here in China, never mind. By the way we want to see the night club pictures, hopefully you guys will be wearing the appropriate T-shirts!

  13. No worries on my end. Actually helps hunt down kits. Keep rockin’

  14. Sounds like sound planning & operation

  15. Works for me. I guess we're all mature and savvy enough to make our own judgement on Amazon prices. Income for iModeller's got to be a good call. Paul

  16. Do I get that right? I can help you guys by initiating my non-modelling Amazon buys with your links? I'll be more than happy to buy something off Amazon if you get something in return.

  17. Good idea. Even better if it helps iModeler

  18. Totally onboard with this. It keeps Imodeler operating, and us as a community together sharing our love of the hobby.

  19. Hey, you can buy my books on Amazon using this link. Glad to help them out. 🙂

  20. Two thumbs up!

  21. I like the idea of targeted marketing with the intent of supporting the cost of the site. I buy quite a lot of Kindle books - I guess if I buy them through the website, after clicking on the imodeler link, instead of directly through the kindle device, I could get a % to imodeler as well, right?

  22. Great idea about limiting the links to modelling. At least Big Brother will know what I like now

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