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Hurricane I – RAF 100 Years Group Build

Enough has been said & written about this superb kit (a lot of it by our own Tom Cleaver), so no need for me to add to it all.

Loved every minute of this project just like the [Airfix] Defiant & Spit V I’ve already built (and I have the P-40 to come). First time free-handing all of the camouflage, which I don’t think I could have done as well if I’d used acrylics, all the rest is my usual pre & post shading together with OIl & Flory washes.

As ever please feel free to abuse, question and comment – all welcome. Go buy one of these, build it and enjoy it !.


Next… a helicopter !


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11 responses to Hurricane I – RAF 100 Years Group Build

  1. Very nice result.

  2. Lovely work, Ian. Haven’t actually built any of these new generation Airfix kits as yet, but have the Stuka and on the sprues alone it looks fantastic. This is a great job you have done here with the Hurricane and particularly on the camo. Looks really authentic.

    I may well take you up on your recommendation, Ian.

  3. Spectacular result(s), Ian….great work my friend.

  4. A beautiful Hurricane Ian! Nicely weathered and worn.

  5. Nice Hurricane!!! I’ve yet to build a new Airfix kit ,but I’ve got their 1/72 Defiant waiting in the wings, and I just acquired their new FG1[F-4K].

  6. Really nice, great job all around. Glad you enjoyed the build. It motivates me to finish my Italeri 1/48 Sea Hurricane.

  7. Great result on this new Airfix kit, Ian.

  8. Nicely done Ian, especially since the camo was done free-hand. Well done buddy.

  9. Great job Ian. Getting that detail in 1/48 is a real art and you do it very well.

  10. Fantastic Ian, thank you for your contribution to the RAF100 GB. It doesn’t get more ‘RAF’ than an Airfix Hurricane I from Biggin Hill!

    The squadron letters on the early-war RAF fighters were always so completely unmissable – and you have captured that ‘look’ from the original photos perfectly. I’m also really in awe of your ‘brave’ weathering – it looks absolutely spot on – like it has just got back from another tough combat mission and landed on a muddy field! The stand out for me though, is the job you have done with the camo – not too contrasty, and with your preshading, suitably beaten up – as befits the desperate times in which these birds flew. So, an iconic contribution to the GB – perfectly painted and weathered to depict the times in which it operated – and totally reflecting the spirit of the RAF!

    (PS, I have logged this in the inventory – how I hadn’t before eludes me – 32 sqn, 1940 – unless you tell me different!).

  11. Gentlemen,
    Thanks for this, honestly I’m not sure that my model deserves all of the wonderful feedback, but I’ll take it in good-stead. Before my helo build I’m going to take a couple of days to get the creative juices flowing again… who knows the helo could possibly be wearing British roundels aswell.

    Thanks again folks.


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