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iModeler February Award

Hi to all members,

I’d like to share with you the moment when I received the prize of the award for the best in show of the month of February ( This was a really great occasion as our editor, Martin, brought the kit himself and handed it over to me on the MosonShow on Mosonmagyarovar.

Thanks to all editors for the award and also for the beautiful kit which I will definitely enjoy to build. Also big thank to Martin who brought the kit personally!

Have great modelin’ time!

14 responses to iModeler February Award

  1. Now that’s how you do customer service.

    The thing to me that really stood out with your ‘Huffer’ project (apart from the skill) was how your writing really made the viewer feel ‘there’. From your drawings, to the tools, the photos, to the engaging and down to earth way you write, it was a great read as well as a brilliant piece of work. Really well deserved.

  2. Well deserved Gabor

  3. Like Tom said, well deserved. The Huffer was a treat to see. I look forward to seeing what you do with the Draken.

  4. Congratulations, my friend…and a big ‘thumbs-up’ to Martin for the “personal touch”.

  5. Nice to see you got your reward from the “Boss Man ” Martin.
    Nice kit, looks interesting.
    Have fun Gabor.

  6. Congratulations Gabor – very well deserved

  7. Congratulations – and such a personal touch. I don’t know – I think Martin has set a pretty high bar now…!!

  8. Thank You Gentlemen! It was a lucky coincidence or chance luck as you like. We first met with Martin also on Mosonmagyarovar some years ago – when I heard that He would be there this time too, I was so shameless that I asked if he could bring the prize/model to the show 🙂 Oh and thank You to Magnus also for the photo!

  9. Congratulations and well deserved. The personal touch makes it very special indeed. Great stuff!

  10. Gabor, congratulations! Love the Draken!

  11. Well deserved, and some serious customer service !!!! 🙂
    That’s how you do it ……………

  12. Greatly deserved, Gabor! And it’s great that Martin gave you the “personal touch!” Like the others, I look forward to seeing the SAAB! Everytime I see a Draken or a Viggen, I think back to an advertisement that SAAB put in a publication for the US Army about their car purchasing program. It showed a Viggen (this was around 1984-5) and the selling phrase under the photo went something like this:

    “Wouldn’t you like to have a car made by the same people who built this airplane?”

    It’s THE greatest advertising slogan I have ever seen!

    So enjoy your well-deserved award SAAB, Amigo! @remete Gábor Szabó

  13. Thank You to All again! 🙂 Yes the SAAB is one of my favourite firm – as much as a car maker and aeroplane manufacturer; they make things differently (or made 🙁 ). This weekend I had the opportunity to drive one of my friends SAAB 9.5 Aero (he wanted to try out my Alfa 🙂 ) and guys that 2.3 Turbo…! Yes, now I beleive that they had some connection between their car and aeroplane engineers.

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