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No Comment 28

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19 responses to No Comment 28

  1. Wow….don’t think I ever realized that bullet resistant windscreen was that thick!

  2. Regarding number 3. That’s not what my bloody wife said when she saw the price of the Merit 1/200 Hornet…

  3. Shouldn’t that be “what my wife said when she saw the bloody price….”?

    You are a very brave man.

  4. The wife thing….just priceless. My caption might have been a bit different; like adding more kits to an already impossibly large stash–or perhaps selling off kits in your stash (at a loss), so you can get money to justify buy other kits for the stash…

  5. “Honey, the B-25’s have individual nose art decals. Darling, it has turned brass barrels for the 5 inch guns as standard. It has 44 sprues! Baby, it’s 124 cm long!” Actually, it was after the last one I heard the slamming of the door. I think she’s coming round…

  6. Hilarious 😀

  7. “She’s coming round?” ,Dave you shouldn’t have knocked her out, that’s going too far it’s just a hobby…..

  8. Was number two the inspiration for the wacky races ?

  9. ‘Fortitudo via corruptio’

    The things we learn here!
    Bikini-wearing wives, wacky races, waxing, wifely bribery, and so on. Amazing! You people are GREAT! I needed these moments of levity.

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