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No Comment 34

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  1. Oh, boy, that Beaufighter is a diorama screaming to be made.

  2. No.3 is a what if photoshop composition no? 🙂

  3. What strikes me about all of these is the fact that we really are looking at mere kids waging a war and handling these deadly things. Kiddos become men too soon, too hard.

  4. A whole generation lost, David. Just tragic beyond words.

    I sat with my son the other night and watched ‘Saving Private Ryan’ – that first 25 minutes is a hard, hard watch – and he just sat with his mouth open, shocked. There’s nothing gratuitous about it, just realism. Kids with their guts hanging out, dying, crying for their mother.

    But then, that generation stood up. They faced possibly the greatest evil man has ever known. The current generation, the ‘millennials’, think it’s the end of the world if the wi-fi fails.

    I get paid good money to figure people out. But really, in the bigger picture, I’m clueless. That’s your area…

    • I remember seeing that for the first time in theatres when I was in my early to mid twenties and though to myself that a lot of these people were kids right out of high school, 18 or 19 years old. The way the opening scene was shot in first person made it even scarier and I had doubts about whether I could have done at my age what they were doing at a much younger age and sat much as your son did. Wide eyed and open mouthed.

    • So very true – if the WiFi fails. It would be funny if it weren’t so true.
      How old is your Son, David?

      Josh, you are wise beyond your years.

      I enjoy watching “Saving Private Ryan” because it is so realistic and doesn’t glorify war – BUT … I find the first 20 minutes or so (the whole ‘on the beach’ scenes) to be VERY hard to watch for this old soldier. I’m grateful I didn’t have to go through that. NO ONE hates war more than a soldier / Military member. I’m proud I served, but I hate what I had to do. Having grown up in the Flower Child / Peace-nick era, (which I never was, but was around) it used to be hard justify or agree with it all. But, Freedom Isn’t Free !!!

      • Jeff, my son is 15. He’s serious, a little introverted, and generally sensitive to things happening around him. A few people have used the word ‘gentleman’ to describe him. It was an interesting thing watching him watch the movie; you could see him figuring out the gore wasn’t for show.

        We owe all we have to those kids, Jeff.

  5. @jpatt1000 – Josh, the thing that gets me regarding the D-Day landings is how few men froze. It sounds obvious but in many landings the odds of dying were better than even, but these ‘kids’ followed through. In such a situation you can only fight or freeze (given there’s nowhere to ‘flight’ to) so the collective bravery in the face of such fear is really unprecedented.

    I think those landings stand as one of our greatest achievements as a race.

    • You might be right, David.

      Fight or Flight is hardwired into our brains and it DOES take work to overcome. In the end, those guys were not fighting for their country, the flag, or even Mom and Apple Pie, but they fought for the other guys around them. Peer pressure has a part in it, too.

      But nice pictures, Rob. Again!

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