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May 21, 2018 · in Photo Collections · 16 Comments

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  1. Now THAT'S a "dive bomber"...!

  2. I didn't think that kind of a dive was even possible. Just amazing photo.

  3. Looks like a painting to me

  4. Those Sparvieros are an ugly bird, I have to tell you--as ugly at the Macchi is clean and beautiful.

    Incredible pic of Stukas with Italian markings in a

  5. David, the Sparrowhawk has the profile only it's designer could love. But, never pick a fight with an ugly plane - it's got nothing to lose...

  6. Are the Stukas in dive or is the picture rotated clockwise 90 degs? If so, I can t imagine this pilot keeping his license nowadays taking a picture gopro while diving an expensive plane... I guess everything works in Italy 🙂

  7. I didn't know the Italians flew the Stuka.

  8. I suppose the impressive photo of the diving Stukas is a cutout rotated about 35 to 45 degrees. (inhorizontal flight and low sun the shadows should be much longer)

  9. Interesting ...

  10. The Stukas were airplanes build expressly for diving at very high angles and their structure was certainly strong enough to perform a dive even at 90°. Therefore I believe the picture is real.

  11. Hi Peter. I have no doubt about the hardware, it's the soft stuff inside I'm not sure could survive such punishment.

  12. If they are really in a vertical bomb-delivery dive, then why aren't the air brakes extended? As said, I think this is a sim. Luckily we are smart enough imodelers here to tell reality from fiction!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Good point!
      Actually in the present picture the air-brakes are mainly hidden in the shadow and due to the low resolution, it is hard to recognize if they are in the open or closed state... at least I'm not able to do it!

  13. Quite a show-off with a vertical dive like this

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