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No Comment 36

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  1. Hey, are you sure with that B-17? It looks like that my new birthday gift will get a bit different shape

  2. Photo of B-17 taken on 1st of April?

  3. No…..that was Burt Rutan’s design (they rejected it, of course) – who knew what the future held?

  4. The B-71 had pushing engines, not pulling, as wrongly depicted here!

  5. On the elevator

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  6. On that first pic, a song such like this is fitting…

  7. You know, while we are here and discussing instructions. My Tamiya Tiger tank seems to have come without a pitot tube…anyone got a spare?

  8. Found it, Rob. Big bugger, right at the front, but a bit out of scale, though.

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