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Sunday Special

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful photos, Rob.

  2. Wonder how much per gallon it was then...? 🙁

    • Craig, no doubt cheaper than today! Our gas prices yesterday was $2.89 per gallon (or $0.77 per liter) but the average price for a gallon of gasoline right after WWII was $0.15 - $0.19 per gallon, so I'll bet it was close to that during WWI when the photo was taken. I remember $0.24/gal. when I started buying gas for Dad's car when I got to drive. And that was PREMIUM grade (high octane) for our 62 Chevy Impala SS convertible with 327 high output (365 H/P) small block.

  3. VERY special photos! Thanks Rob

    Also, I wish all veterans of all nations a Happy Memorial Day. For our iModeler friends overseas, this is an American holiday commemorating fallen or serving soldiers of all wars, but it can easily apply to all veterans, living or passed on, and of any country.

  4. Great photos, Rob. They're motivating me to build a Wingnut Wings Felixstowe.

    • There’s a guy I see at one of the regional shows whose something of a WnW specialist. Apart from the usual fighters he’s built two versions of the Felixstowe and one of the Gotha, all superb, but those three will rack up to £700. I did see a Felixstowe on EBay auction last month - was sure it was going to be at near retail but went for £186 in the end.

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