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1/48 Ta 183 Huckebein ‘Afrika’

Hello there,
This is a recent work of mine.
The kit was reproduced in 2018 by Academy and the Original kit from AMtech was introduced at 2001.
So I searched good design for paint it and I found a image from
Just with this image, I started painting.
And this is the result.
Thank you Studio Gekko!

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

36 responses to 1/48 Ta 183 Huckebein ‘Afrika’

  1. Jonghwan, Like George said, very cool! A wonderful bit of creativity, made into a very nice and fun looking model. Well done !

  2. Lovely piece of work, Jonghwan. Creative, thought provoking, terrific modeling and artistic skills, and great photography.

    I like this a lot.

  3. Great looking build.

  4. Camo looks lovely

  5. They already said said everything I was thinking. beautiful presentation, sir.

  6. Wonderful!
    None of that historical correctness.
    You’ve given your creativity free reign and achieved a great result.

  7. Great camo scheme and subject jongwhan!
    Nice work

  8. This is a really cool little jet model. Just love it! Really unique and fascinating subject matter! You did a great job with the complicated paint scheme. The detail work is great. I would like to give it a go myself. Something very different to build. I remember the Amtech release and had no idea this resurfaced with Academy. How was the build experience?

    • Thank you so much for your compliment!
      If you make yours like this, I’ll be very glad.
      3 month ago, Academy re-released the Ta 183.
      It’s the same mold with the AMtech’s.
      Injection is neat and tidy.
      There are many details omitted, but there was no problem in reproducing the overall shape. Each part fits easily and accurately.
      I made this with no putty.
      And academy gave us pre-cut canopy seal and photo-etched seat belt.
      If you like Hukebein, highly recommend.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  9. One of the cleanest looking models I’ve seen. Interesting!

  10. Like Rob said very clean and also very cool looking , I want one !!

  11. For sure the most unusual Luft’46 I’ve ever seen. How did you paint the rhino? Is it all free hand or where masks involved? Great model Jonghwan, congratulations

  12. Great imaginative build!

  13. Fab what-if era fighter! Marvellous paintjob actually!

  14. Coolest painting for this little plane. I really like dark grey color tone with another two tipical afrika camo color. they really goes well together

  15. That is a fun kit, since there’s nothing you can do that is “wrong” and you are only limited by your imagination. This is a really great result.

  16. Outstanding work, jongwan! @docaebee

    Sorry this is so late. I missed it when you originally posted it. And Welcome to iModeler! This is an outstanding “1st Post.”

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