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Fujimi 1/700 IJN Maya


I recently finished my smallest but also most difficult build yet. Fujimi´s kit is great but I really underestimated the time such a tiny model would consume. I added Fujimis PE parts and I´m quite happy with the result! The Bismarck you see for comparison was built together with my dad and is still under construction.

Please feel free to leave some constructive Feedback!
Thank you for reading and I really hope you like it!

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses to Fujimi 1/700 IJN Maya

  1. I really like this build. Despite its size it really has a menancing look and appears much bigger then 1/700. Your detail skills at this scale are excellent! I really like it’s look and it’s color…great scale effect. Great weathering. You should really try to put this onto an “at sea” water base. It would look so cool on a water scene and with some good pictures it would look fantastic and realistic like your looking at it from a distance through a periscope. go for it!

  2. I think you really captured “the look” in this build, sir…..I like it!

  3. Nice work. Shop modeling is the most difficult genre in our hobby. I love 1/700, especially when done to such a high standard.

  4. A really great job!!

  5. Man that Bismark must’ve been huge! Compared to the Maya, it’s a GIANT.
    Oh – they’re in different scales? (In memory of the late, great Gilda Radner -) Never mind.

    Really well built ship, Moritz! You must have really good eyesight and steady hands!

  6. Very nice! I’ve never done it, but from the looks of it it must take quite a bit of effort to get this kind of result in this scale! Kudos.

  7. Hello,
    Your realization is really amazing.

    I buy this kit recently et i would like add more details in my kit.

    Do you have instructions for the Fujimi detail kit? Can you send it to me by email if possible?

    [email protected]

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