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Identity crisis! Monogram FW-190

June 5, 2018 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.9K

I recently picked this kit up at a model show, the kit doesn't specify what model FW-190 it's supposed to be, As I'm not to familiar with the 190 I wonder If the experts out there could lend a hand in identifying it. Thanks.

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  1. I'll go through my books Robert but right now I'm thinking 190A-5

    EDIT: Isn't this a coincidence, I had this site tabbed...

  2. I built this one as a kid in the 1970's... and you're right George. It can be built as an A5.

    Yes this is the "original" Monogram release and I'm pretty sure the original issue dates back to the 1965. However the kit was released again in 1967, 1970, and last in 1999.

    I have never seen it boxed with a Sherman tank though.

    Here's a link to a kit review from another website.

    In the review, they say it can be built as an A5, A7 or even an A8. But it has the under wing drop tanks of a G model...

    and another on scale mates.

    Hope this helps Robert.

  3. Does the ground attack stores belong to A5, A7, ? The Sherman is the old Aurora kit.

  4. Again George is correct. I just read the kit review and it states that the kit can't be built as an accurate A-8 since the upper cowling doesn't have the larger bulges that were used on the A-8.

    It's also reported that this kit has an accurate scale outline similar to its cousin the Monogram P-40 from the same era. But then it has the other toy like features as did most of the Monogram kits from back then.

    A little more digging into it and I found this photo.

    Yours is this actual kit. It was manufactured in 1984.

    I never knew that it was released with a Sherman so I learned something new.

    My childhood build was the 1973 version after looking at the various box art views.

    Nice score.

  5. Haven't a clue but that is some of the worst box artwork I've ever seen !,that said if anyone can help you out it's these guys can...

  6. I have an early 70 release I bought awhile back still in the wrap. Price tag was $1.19 I think. It can build up quite nice, nowhere near modern standards, but you gotta love Monogram. Most of the kits I buy these days are old Monogram kits

  7. I knew they could help, go Monogram! Thanks for all the help! woof! woof!

  8. It's mostly an A-5. The underwing tanks are more appropriate for the Fw-190A-4/U5.

  9. Brings back a lotta memories seein' that old kit again.

  10. You guys and your old Monogram kits. Not something I recall seeing much of when I were a nipper. Fascinating though to see how the box art styles have changed over the years. It looks like quite a bit of artistic licence was used here. I can't fault the words of wisdom above on the specific variant, but it sounds like a number of different subjects could be built with the kit options. I flipped through my SAM No 7 Combat Colours though since I couldn't recall seeing the red under cowling, although nothing's impossible. Generally though, if the under cowling was painted any colour other than RLM 76, it was normally painted in some variation of RLM 04. The illustration could otherwise be something like White 4 from 4/JG 1 or maybe JG 300. Could be an interesting focal point for Operation Bodenplatte although the artwork shows no snow. Paul

  11. Howdy,

    Love this kit! I built this one a few years ago. Replaced the skinny wheels with some from another kit. It is am A-5, though the decals that come with most boxing's range from an A-3 to an A-8.

    Brian Riedel

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  12. Thanks all for the input.

  13. Fw 190 freak here it looks like an a4 becaouse of the esrly type radio acces hatch on the fuselage side also dont have the large canon bulges on the cowling also it has the pointy antenna connection point on the tail

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