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Music to model by: Glenn Miller and the Army Air Forces Band

Music to get you “In The Mood.”

8 responses to Music to model by: Glenn Miller and the Army Air Forces Band

  1. “The Glenn Miller Story” is one of those movies I always watch when I can catch it on TV.

    • You bet, Craig. Along with any and all Jimmy Stewart movies. Now that I live in Pennsylvania, I made the trip to Indiana, Pa, Mr. Stewart’s home town, to visit the Jimmy Stewart museum. One humble, American, hero I would have loved to meet.

      • My writing mentor, Wendell Mayes, worked with Stewart twice (he wrote The Spirit of St. Louis and Anatomy of a Murder) and he once invited me to a party at his home, where Jimmy Stewart and Robert Mitchum (with whom he also worked) were among the guests. Stewart was pretty much exactly what you’d expect, except in person when he first met you, you had the feeling he had scanned you down to the bottom layer. Once you passed that test, he was, well… Jimmy Stewart. The fact I knew as much about the Eighth Air Force as I did “broke the ice.” The only thing personal he said about that, though we talked about the war in general was “Well, I was over there for awhile…”

  2. Wow! How did I miss this post? thanks Tom. I’m a late baby boomer but Big-band/Swing music is still my all time favorite genre.

  3. Whenever I hear Glenn Miller I just think ‘B-17’. Can’t help it.

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