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2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. That guy on the wing of the Jug looks like he's gonna be sick (or already was).

  2. Thanks again, Rob. Always interesting what you post!

  3. Looks like he's working on something, while his partner is holding him up?.

    • I'm not 100 percent sure Robert but he may be actually bore sighting the barrel on the inboard .050 cal MG.

      We had a similar device that went into the barrel of the main gun on our tanks. It was called a "pye-Watson device".

      I found this photo online. My fellow tanker buddy Jeff will remember this well.

      It allowed us to lay the main gun onto a target with a known distance (usually 1200 M) using the cross hairs to pick out a corner on the target. Then by looking at the sight reticle of the device, (almost as you would use a scope on a rifle), you would tell the gunner inside the turret where you were at with the cross hair position.

      The gunner would manually crank the turret and main gun following the directions given by the person who was looking into the device.

      Following this step, we simply adjusted all of the the sight reticles inside the tank to match up with the cross hairs on the device that was slipped into the barrel. This was done simply by lining up the tanks sights to match the corner of the target.

      If you didn't have one of these fancy devices you could simply use string taped on the end of the main gun barrel lining it up with the marks that were stamped. Two pieces of string were used to form a (+). Next we lowered the breech and looked down the barrel with a set of binoculars, doing the same thing, but probably just not as accurate.

      It kind of looks like this to me, but maybe a smaller version for a .050 caliber weapon ?

  4. Another great photo set Rob !

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