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  1. If the Huey was uesd by them Yankee aggressors from the North the South would not sit by and allow them to just fly their troops into battle with this Air Cavalry. However, due to the South having good political relations with Great Britain, they imported anti-aircraft guns and a thing called a Spitfire. This prolonged the war to 1865 resulting in a Southern victory and General Lee becoming president of the United Southern States of America whilst the Northern States that were at war with the South were turned over to Great Britain as colonies that eventually became part of a greater Canada.

  2. Whoever did that photoshop pic with the the Hueys did a great job.

  3. Terrific. Took me a few seconds to realise what I was looking at in pic 1.

  4. Even as President Lincoln presented him with a cavalry regiment equipped the new French hélicoptères armed with Mr Gatling’s rapid fire guns, General McClellan stated that he would require at least 5 more regiments and 6 months before he could possibly entertain thoughts of moving against General Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia.

  5. The Rotor wash would have played havoc with those tents!

  6. I didn't think they had helicopters in those days, I think that picture maybe a fake.

  7. Neil, you made me wonder about some things in the picture. I now think it's a fake too. As a matter of fact, Bell helicopter was incorporated just in 1935, so after the civil war. Can't be right this Huey and Lincoln together. I think I have definite proof. What do you think?

  8. Welcome to the twilight zone.

  9. Johnny Reb don’t surf

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