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T-2C Buckeye, 1/72 Wolfpack Design

Well, after seeing Robert’s fascinating Buckeye, I also want to present mine.

I found some photo on google with this color scheme which colored black around the canopy.
I know that Buckeye’s attraction point is ‘white-fat’ boy looking but this time I decided to color this scheme. with this scheme this plane looks bit more slender I think!

Kit is from Wolfpack Design. I don’t know if this is reboxed or original tooling. anyway quality is moderate. fine cartograf decals included.

Loved little trainer. maybe I’ll gonna buy Wolfpack’s 1/72 Goshawk too..!

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

23 responses to T-2C Buckeye, 1/72 Wolfpack Design

  1. Excellent build, sir….I really like this one. Beautiful work..!!

  2. This one just pops right out of the page. Excellent in this scale. Clean yet it still shows some wear evenly around the air frame. Really well done. Decal work is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mucho better kit – amazing what 40 years of technology results in. (Robert’s model is great, what I mean here is the basic product can’t be compared)

  4. Very eye catching. The painting and weathering is very, very good. It’s not easy to get a white painted scheme to look good, I mean, to look in scale and realistic. There is some fog on the canopie. Was it caused by glue fumes? It looks to me like simple condensation

    • Oh, yes there is..! I was almost forgot about it. Actually that’s water vapor. I washed with water this one just before I took this picture and may be drop of water flew in cockpit.. it made vapor under the sunlight. I realized it during taking picture and I decided to take in another time. but you know… climbing roof top of 20th floor in this summer is not so happy thing to do again…

  5. So there is a better detailed 1/72 T-2 , Excellent build!!

  6. A real beauty! Now I’m even more jazzed to build mine, even though it’s the older kit! Love the weathering, and the paint scheme really sets it off. Excellent work!

  7. Very nice build.

  8. Some strong work on a model of a classic aircraft. Like the black canopy and decal work . This smart little orange,black with white Buck Eye screams candidate for Model of the Month.

  9. Wow, classy work! ^^

  10. Now this is a Buckeye!!! Great job, nice paint, awesome wear and tear! Captured the look perfectly. I think the kit is a new mold, but not positive. DOnt know of another decent 1/72 kit besides the Matchbox, which is awful. You should try some of the newer 1/48, or 1/32 T-2 kits on the market. I built one of them.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  11. A Beautiful build. I have the kit in my stash and someday i might actually build it.

    I especially like how you managed to make the white paint scheme look appropriately grubby and well used, without going overboard.


  12. That could be a photograph! Very impressive, especially considering the scale!

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