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1/35 Tamiya US Army M60A3: Very Old Build

The M60 has been and continues to be my favorite tank of all time. Its the best combination of classic blended with modern when it comes to Armor. Last of the classic American all iron beasts of war. Also so so many interesting variants, can’t build enough of them. This kit and build is from many, many years ago. I completed this before the days of all the exotic weathering products available today. I don’t think I knew what a wash, or filter was. Dry brushing was my best technique to create highlights, and a worn look. Pastels was something I used in my college arts class to draw my “hand”…LOL.

I do recall becoming more comfortable with the airbrush using my old, and trusty Testors Aztec. Not sure I knew what all those colored nozzles were used for, or why I had so many. And I hated to use the airbrush b/c I needed to hide in the basement with all the windows opened b/c all I had access to was smelly, toxic enamels and Turpentine. I must say those enamels were so easy to work with and spray. I use all acrylic these days but struggle at times getting the proper mixes to airbrush effortlessly, while still getting the outcome I desire. Getting much better though. BTW, my basement is not pleasant and is not a man cave!

Anyhow, here is my trusty Tamiya classic M60A3. Airbrushed freehand using my Testors Aztec. It was completed with Testors Model Masters Enamels and was a breeze to complete the assembly. Tracks are good old fashion rubber bands but I think still look good. This model is from the original Tamiya boxing of this version and therefore included no extras, or PE parts. It is 100% OOB build as far as I remember. It was sitting on my basement shelves and took longer to remove all the dust and built up grime from years of neglect then it took to build the whole model from scratch. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the pictures of this relic model. I may build another one just like it someday soon, but go all out with all those fancy finishing products and see what I come up with.

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5 responses to 1/35 Tamiya US Army M60A3: Very Old Build

  1. Looks good, Paul…..I like it.

  2. Love it! Very nice work!

  3. This brings back a lot of memories………….. it looks good too………….. It reminds me of M-60’s in Germany during “REFORGER”.

    I served as a crewman in the M-60.

    Well done.

  4. I’d say your “rudimentary” techniques still achieved an excellent result! It’s apparent that your chalk hands probably looked much more realistic than mine…!

  5. Great looking cold war beast!

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