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Mustang madness

Greetings fellow modellers.
i would like to present my embodiment of Walter Kim`s concept, done through kit bashing, scratch building and 3D printing.

some WIP pics:

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses to Mustang madness

  1. That is really cool.

  2. Wow…..spectacular build – I love it !

  3. Cool … VERY cool!

  4. Nice! The exhaust discoloration is great.

  5. Wow !!!!

    This is very cool. I really like how the exhaust is discolored from heat, and has turned blue near the turbo………………. Just what the others have said too. 🙂

    Well done. You even have AN fittings and oil lines going to the turbos !!!!!!!!!

    • i managed to do discoloration in first try, eyeing the color mix, but it was harder to find how it looks in reality; because all custom exhausts are made with blue at the end of exhaust pipe, which looks “cool” but wrong.

      turbo lines were the easiest just one to intercooler and one to engine.
      On engine there are 2 delivery lines to fuel distributor, then 8 lines for supercharger and 8 for intake manifold, 2 lines for valve covers and 1 return to fuel tank.
      for oil system i have sump to filter line, filter to pump line, pump to sump line.

  6. That is so COOL. Love it!

  7. Matija, to repeat the common thread here, “this is very cool” !
    I’ll bet this is one of those builds that became a lot of fun as it started to take shape. Very well thought out and very well done ! I like it a lot !

    • it was approximately 9 months build, and i went from:
      ” OOOOOOHHHH i will do this and that and those” to
      “Ugh, i still have to do that, it wont be over at least few more weeks”

      i am happy and proud it is finished, but i will never start something like this again

  8. Very nice bit of scratch building there! Excellent.

  9. Super cool work!

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