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July 16, 2018 · in Photo Collections · 9 Comments

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  1. OK...I give up - who is that in the headline photo? 🙁

    • That’s a reknowned Luftwaffe mechanic. The guy in the jumpsuit is clearly enthralled with him. ?

      • The mechanic guy is clearly thinking "Mine gott you look so dashing in your leather suit, you are makink me feel confused about myself" and the pilot is thinking "look at him ,he can't take his eyes of me ,I knew this leather one piece number vas ein gutt idea hee hee hee"
        It's been a while Rob ,I've had a less than great day and these uber camp Nazis cheered me right up !

    • That's Addi Glunz. Was last wartime commander of II/JG 26, rose from Oberfeldwebel to Oberleutnant. All 83 victories on the Western Front 1942-45, the only German experte who was never shot down. Also a very nice guy to meet.

  2. He should be, he keeps his ride in the air.

  3. Adolf “Addy” Glunz, though it’s the first time I see this photo in colour.

  4. Let's be honest Rob, Tom usually knows!

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