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2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Great set of images Rob, the shadow in pic 1 looks shopped though what's going on there ? I love the "colours" on the pilots back in #2 ,many of the Hells angels gang members after WW2 were former servicemen who were unable to fit into there mundane civilian life after the action they saw and adopted colours like these.

    • Just intense N African sun and low level flight - nothing sinister I think.

      • I have to agree with Neil on this one, Rob...the demarcation line on the 'shadow' seems way too "sharp" to be authentic - just my opinion.

        • Ah well. Just to note camel shadows are exactly same intensity and at same angle as the aircraft, which woukd confirm angle of sun to subject, but I'm no photo detective.

        • Look at the starboard wing shadow. It' deformed indicating there is a change in the surface elevation such as a rise in the shoulder of the road. Since the image was apparently taken from another A/C flying at the same speed, this could explain the sharpness of the planes shadow versus the camel/people shadows. Just my 2 cents.

          • When I post photos, I can never second guess which one may get the interest of you guys above others, and for what reasons. I’ve had the A-20 photo for ages and never thought twice about it really; if asked I would have said the 51B was the weightier.

            Still, everyone has their preferences, as you can see from the replies.

          • James, I think your explanation is spot on. If the A-20s were flying in formation, they would be doing the same airspeed. In essence, the airplane is "standing still" for the photographer, as well as being very close to the ground. The figures are the ground would appear to be "moving." And that is precisely what is going on.

            Things like this are a lesson to me, and remind me of my artist days: replicating what you see rather than what you think should be there is what separates good from great, because realism/naturalism is sometimes stranger than fiction and highly counterintuitive.

  2. Frightening camels! I love it!

    The P-51 pic is an awesome shot, too.

  3. You're singing' my song with that A-20, Rob. Man, I love that bird!

  4. I love the Allison 'Stang!

  5. Great photos all Rob! Hard to pick a favourite but the Mustang does in look fine in its invasion stripes.

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