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1/72 Supermodel Bv138C-1

This kit was finally finished about a month ago. It was started about 20 years ago. I had scribed panel lines in using the rather prominent raised panel lines of the kit as a guide. the kit then sat for about 20 years until the end of this school year when I determined I would finally complete some of my kits that had sat for far too long!

The Bv138 , also known as the by its crews, caught my attention as i looked through a book of Axis plane of WW2 as a 13-14 year old in the 80's. I loved the 4 blade prop flanked by three blade props, and the general shape of the aircraft looked like it was moving fast while standing still (to me anyway) and I love seaplanes in the first place. Once I learned that made a kit of it, I was hooked and had to get one. As I recall, I bought it from a second hand kit dealer -where most of my stash came from - back in the day when postage was reasonable!

I learned by accident (looking very closely at photographs) that the outboard engine nacelles on the real plane had exhaust pipes that were missing on the Supermodel kit. Aside from scribing the panel lines, adding the exhausts was my only modification to the kit plastic.

About 10 years ago, when I hoped to start to get this kit finished, I found out that RevellAG re-released the kit with a new set of marking options that I liked far better than the Supermodel ones. I posted for help on another model site, and a European modeller came to the rescue! I don't know what I would do without the internet and other modellers helping me out in Bermuda! I am not sure why I didn't get going again after getting the new decals, but the kit sat again until this year.

In a fit of nostalgia, I brush painted the kit as opposed to spraying with an airbrush- typically German splinter camouflage is easier to paint this way, but the paint must be thinned just enough to brush even and cover at the same time- I used Testors Modelmaster enamels. It took me back to my early to mid teens before I started airbrushing all my kits. I still brush future on before decals and flat coat after decals- however, I have never been able to find a flat finish I am happy with other than the old Aeromaster flat coat. I currently use micro flat, but no matter how much i stir it seems to remain satin or even semi-gloss.

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  1. Looks like it aged like a fine wine, Dan. Nice work here.

  2. A model seldom seen. Good on you to finish it after all those years. It has the look of an Italian or French machine (overly complex) from the WW1 but updated materials and lines...

  3. Don't recall seeing one of these built before...nice job!

  4. cool model cool plane..thanx for sharing!

  5. Hello Dan,
    Excellent subject. Like mentioned by Craig, you do not see these models often in a finished state.
    Long endurance, reliable but it had to stay out of harms way.
    "Swastikas in the Arctic" describes some of the operations between U-Boats and the BV138.
    Author Jak. P. Mallman Showell. The BV 138 was used a lot in the reconnaissance role.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  6. A great build! What a great blast from the past! I remember Supermodel kits being advertised in the old squadron catalogues. I recently did their Macchi 202 for the Kassarine pass build.

    • Hi Robert, I first found out about the kit from squadron ads in fine scale modeller. Then i started collecting via Hannants or king kit in England or a second hand dealer out of utica new york.

  7. Nicely done Dan, looks good and different ! it is hard to find a good flat finish, Vallejo is my current choice !

  8. Thanks Allan. Is Vallejo flat compatible with future?

  9. A good looking model. I also have this setting in my on-deck area - have been intending to get to it for about 3 years now but keep getting distracted! I really want to build it as like you, I'm really intrigued by the look of this aircraft.

  10. Looks really good and brush painted. How much did you have to thin Model Master enamels? How long do wait before recoating? Once again good job.

    • Hi David. Sorry for the wait. I didn't thin any of the three colours. I used them right out of the bottle. I made sure to stir them and blend the carrier with the solids which usually collect at the bottom of the bottle. I use synthetic sable brushes - Princeton brand, and only mineral spirits to clean brushes or use an airbrush. I use a small badger brand (same as the airbrush line) battery powered blender to mix the enamel thoroughly.

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