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A few of my builds over the years

Hi all,
A newbie here.
This is my first post , so what I have done is just get a few of my past builds.
The aircraft are mostly 1/32 scale, a few 1/48 in there but not many and the mossie is 1/24.
The vehicles are all 1/35
The figures are 120 mm resin.
Hope this works, and hope you like them.



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30 responses to A few of my builds over the years

  1. Welcome aboard Malcom! You sure can make an impression in just one post 🙂
    Very eclectic subjects and scales, no doubt you will find friends here from all areas.
    I especially like that pair of Phantoms

  2. Welcome!!! Some amazing work presented. I especially like the F4u, A-37, and Scooter. Really look forward to more of your work being presented.

  3. Welcome To The Jungle, sir…I can see your’e a talented modeler and we’re lookin’ forward to more of your work…..(nice collection I might add).. 🙂

  4. Truly enjoyable read, and I think you’ve found your modeling home with that eclectic collection. Welcome to the Big House, Malcolm. As Craig says, look forward to seeing more.
    Helos, pistons, jets, armour, and figures. Impressive body of work my friend.

  5. Hey Malcolm, Welcome aboard. You selected a great group. Nice collection of some really nice builds. Keep them coming!

  6. beautiful work and nice choice of subjects…welcome to the monkey house ;o)

  7. Malcolm,

    Some really strong work going on here. But, you’ve given away the candy store. Its like opening a box of chocolates and seeing some really good samplers. The problem is which one do you choose to eat. Now that you’ve served the sampler how about serving up some photos of your favorite kit and taking some multiple shots of say the Wessex helicopter or maybe one of the tracks. Six, eight or ten photos gives you a chance to show your gifts and talents and allows your fellow modeler to appreciate and learn from your experience in building all of these superb kits. Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your work here on iModeler. Welcome aboard, and thank you for posting.

  8. Hi Malcolm ,welcome aboard. Some great work there, liking the Arado especially I must get one of them.
    Where are you based by the way ?

  9. Thank you.
    The Arado is a great kit, one of Revells best.
    The base is a resin model, really sets it off.
    I’m in the UK

  10. Welcome sir! all great builds! Nice Arado on the catapult and of course the Phabulous Phantoms.

  11. Many thanks to all who looked and replied
    I will get some photos of my more recent stuff and put them up a keep you all up to date with WIP.

    once again, many thanks.

  12. Great work sir. And you have one of my favorites, VX4 Black Bunny Phantom!

  13. Great group of builds! I particularly like the Arado – is that Revell’s 1/32nd kit? Looks really nice
    thank you for posting these

  14. Thank you for looking

  15. Some great-looking models there! I’m especially partial to Phantoms (my dad flew the C in Vietnam). And welcome aboard.

  16. Wow, fantastic work!! I’m new here myself and I hope you’re getting the same awesome welcome I’ve received. Again outstanding work!!

  17. Like the others have said, welcome aboard.

    I especially like the F4U since it’s my favorite all time plane……………… and the M-60 with the dozer blade. I served in the real ones so I’m partial to the old girl. It’s a good honest tank.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your builds. You will find this is the best modelling web site out there………………

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