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Bingal in a bingle.

Boat constructed for the Wardell Bridge Diorama. Kit scale 1:50 utilized for 1:72 scale diorama. In the diorama, the boat will traverse back and forth, in a straight line, under the bridge. To eliminate the appearance of a reversing boat, two bows were bingled together from duplicate kits.

Bingal is the aboriginal name for Wardell, the location of the bridge. As you can see from the photographs the diorama is still under construction. Will provide further pictures when the diorama is completed.

Construction of the boat can be viewed from the following link:

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Bingal in a bingle.

  1. More like ‘Dios in a Dio’ – this whole build is superb.

  2. Ha ha . Dios in a Dio . . . definitely so. Could not have done it alone.

  3. Nice job Peter!

  4. Good looking build….progressing nicely. I like it. Interesting first article – welcome!

  5. Outstanding, Peter! I’ve enjoyed our written “chats” as well as seeing your interesting projects. I really enjoy the crewman doing line (rope) maintenance.

  6. Thank you James @jamesb, Craig @craigindaytona, and Jeff @mikegolf for your kind words of support. Much appreciated.

  7. Wow Peter, @tecko
    This little wooden boat is spectacular to say the least. You have put a lot of time and effort into all of the engineering behind the build. I just went back and read your build journal, so now I’m up to date………….

    I really like the crew !!!!!!! Tying a Clove Hitch is he ???? Or starting a Bowlen ??? I still have not figured out how they splice ropes together………. or cables for that matter.

    Good stuff………….

  8. Thanks Louis @lgardner for fine response.

    As a kid, never went to scouts though my neighbour Stephen was right into it. I was envious. Knots not known by me, unless I use a knot map, like this one . . .

  9. Lovely boat Peter! Also nice it got the LEDs!

  10. Thank you Michel @michel-verschuere.
    Yes, it ought to look good with the LEDs, especially if the display can be dimmed, or put into shadow. Hoping that the display cabinet will have a solid lid with lighting, then lighting it can be regulated. For example, during early and late visiting hours the display is darkened (twilight), by midday it is fully lit.

    Will post extra photos, or provide a link, to show lit boat when the diorama is finished.

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