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No Comment 54

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses to No Comment 54

  1. Breathtaking….

  2. What a fearful sight and sound the buzz bomb must have been..

  3. I would NOT have wanted to be the lucky person to snap that first pic! I’d be amazed to know if that person actually survived.

  4. Wow Rob , that first photo is amazing but it makes me think too. Just like you guys said, it’s very possible that taking this picture was the last thing that individual did. We will probably never know, but it could be documenting some poor souls last second on earth.

    The 262 picture is taken from gun camera footage and it shows the plane spiraling down out of control in a flat spin with one engine flamed out. Going from memory, I believe the Starboard engine is out, and the pilot has jettisoned the canopy getting ready to hit the silk.

    Spectacular group as usual.

  5. As I understand it, this picture is fake (I don’t recall where I saw it before). I can’t believe the camera would survive the blast from that proximity – everything would have been obliterated!

    • No idea. The number of old photos Ive seen now classified as fake occupy a new genre set to exercise conspiracy theorists. Sometimes things just happen. No one in the past 70 years has questioned it… until the internet and trolldom.

      It’s a brave new world.

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