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No Comment 56

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5 responses to No Comment 56

  1. That headline pic reminds me of the one with the reporter standing in the field with that Spitfire bearing down on him. The 2nd one makes me wonder how the pilot managed to hit the only thing in front of him (at least it looks like he could’ve climbed down).
    And I’m at a loss for words regarding the last one ๐Ÿ™

  2. Think thatโ€™s what they mean by close air support!

    The British seaplane in the pylons was a famous incident at Portsmouth in 1918. The pilot came out of low cloud cover straight into the pylon. Two soldiers climbed 100 feet in heavy rain and rescued the pilot, who was pretty shaken up. They both received service citations for bravery.

  3. I don’t see where to attach a moisture trap?

  4. The “airbrush” is a misnomer on that package, as the device is really an Atomizer- used by artists years ago to provide sprayed effects on paintings, posters and signs. It relates to Bernoulli’s principle, which when applied to this old artist’s tool, draws fluid up the tube because of blowing air across the end of the vertical tube. Of course the present day airbrush uses the same principle, although more complicated- which was pioneered by primitive man in the Lascaux caves! Look for the images of that cave art that show instances where colour was sprayed over a hand placed on the wall.
    I live for Rob’s “no comment” posts! Thanks, Rob!

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