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11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Love that Lancaster shot...

  2. Never seen that photo of the Lanc over Liverpool, it’s an amazing shot.

  3. Yeah the lanc... you would think it's real!

  4. The Lancaster shot is real, I suspect, and perhaps taken from an angle that makes it seem even more spectacular than it is. The photo below (Spitfire and Hurricane) was a photo from the same Battle of Britain Memorial flypast.

  5. This is another great set of pictures Rob ! I was looking for something similar to the one you posted of the Hs-129 a while ago during the Kasserine Pass GB. If you don't mind I'm going to store that one for future use.

    The Lancaster photo is spectacular !
    Thanks my friend

  6. Love how you cropped the cover photo Rob! Awesome surprise when one takes in the whole picture after the article is opened!

  7. Those two at the end, just brilliant!. The ground crew guy is thinking "Ah ze dessert is so romantic, soon zee shtars vill be out unt vee can sit around zee camp fire toastink bagels, maybe tonight vill be ze night" and the pilot guy is thinking "Oh sh**er if mine vife ever sees zis picture I am in ze shtrudal for sure,nah! it vill be alright no-von vill effer see it, mine grubby secret is safe for ever Ha ha ha "

    Great ,you're putting these in for my entertainment aren't you Rob ? please don't shtop buddy !


  8. great Lancaster photo also that great photo of the dog

  9. All good photos and most new to me! I especially like the hellcat mislanding on that pocket carrier, the dog over the Hanomag and dragon painted on the Fokker ( me thinks it’s a Fokker D.VII).
    The Henschel 129 is familiar, after all I want to build the one second plan in that photo

  10. Second from centre. Officer: 'why does he not salute?' Looks at NCO's saluting hand, with paper note, as if to say, 'Well, get rid of that, and salute!'

  11. Hi. Came across this page from an image search.

    FYI the Lancaster photo at Liverpool is real and was taken at the Mersey River festival in 2004 with a long lens from a distance.

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