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Yoda’s last pit stop before Dagobah

This was the largest diorama I created at the time last winter (something larger is in the works), plus I thought it fitting my largest dio for the smallest badass in the galaxy and again a ton of firsts for me. This is actually sitting on an end table that my office was going to throw out so I made it my base! First time I used insulation foam (styrofoam, extruded styrofoam(?), the pink or blue giant sheets!) for the temple and ground, then cardboard stuff also from my office, something they ordered off amazon and the cardboard things were in the box. I know the tree sucks but it was another first and for some reason, I didn’t want to practice at it, I just wanted to do it (not smart at all in hindsight!). But the rest I’m pleased with, too bad we can’t upload short videos because I made a mini fog machine for this, really adds to the “ambience” l. As always I look forward to all your critiques and feedback from all you great modelers!

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  1. Incredible, great artwork, ready for another Lucas round!

  2. Travis, when it comes to Star Wars I have to say that I’m an original trilogy purist. Love Yoda – not sure about seeing him do triple somersaults in CGI. Here’s my cookie jar on the kitchen table…

    Great dio, my friend. And may the force be with you.

  3. The tree looks fine for another planet. I wouldn’t worry about it. Or as the master would say…..Fine looks the tree, hmm hmm. 🙂 Great job!

  4. “Poor are the midichlorians in these flowers. Strong in the dark side they must be”.

  5. Personally, I think Lucas jumped the shark with the Ewoks.

  6. Fantastic diorama build of environment, light setting, ‘and even smoke!’. Just brilliant. Wish I had it at my place.

  7. Travis, @Snaps0351

    Another great diorama! You rock with these water effects! Outstanding!

    And indeed, who doesn’t like Yoda! 🙂 I do, and I bet all SW fans also do!



  8. You’ve got the force, Travis! great dio. SW’s lost me at the ewoks.

  9. Obviously a lot of imagination and creativity in your dio…..nice job. 🙂

    • @craigindaytona, Thank you sir!! Well I do try and think of stuff that hasn’t been done (well with sci-fi or fantasy), like different settings that weren’t in the movies but a Galaxy is pretty big so there had to be a place Yoda wanted to chill before settling into a not so pleasant swamp planet for the rest of his life, right?

  10. Very nice – a fine setting for the diminutive master!

  11. Travis, at the risk of saying thee same thing as others (hello Robert Royas) sic – “the Force is strong in this one!”

    Well done. I LOVE the lighting & fog effects!

    While I basically agree with Tom, I have never looked at the SW series for the plot or story line. I see it as a comic book come to life … which it is. I enjoy the special effects and the interplay between the characters. Strong plot? Great – if it has one. If not, enjoy the action! Getting down to brass tacks, I like #1 (which is actually #4 as I’m sure we all know) the best. Everything else is gravy!

    PS – Kirk is the MAN. But Captain Picard is great, too!

  12. “It’s a model, Jeff; but not as we know it”.

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