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Airfix announces a 1/48 Spitfire F.R.XIV for 2019!

Finally! A new tool Spitfire XIV!,1B2HR,4Y1GNR,48DCZ,1

19 responses to Airfix announces a 1/48 Spitfire F.R.XIV for 2019!

  1. That’s really interesting news! And with Tamiya working on a new Mk I in 48th scale, the Spitfire crowd will have a pretty good 2019.

  2. That’s pretty. Very pretty. And knowing how much they’ve raised their game, Airfix are really onto something. Happy days!

  3. Should be good, and naturally a popular subject, and here I was thinking there was no more room in the market for another Spitfire!

  4. Everyone’s said for years that the company that releases a good, accurate Spitfire XIV will have “a license to print money.” Airfix is already close with the PR XIX – I’m actually surprised they didn’t go for a XIVc “high back” first, given they were 80% of the way there. The XIV is popular with people who aren’t even Spitfire fans.

  5. This is great news, Tom. I’ll build 3-4 of the bubbletops alone. I hope they do the FR.18 too, just needs a new rudder.

  6. Well – if’n it comes out in 1/72, I’m in!!

  7. I hope they address the landing gear issues of the earlier marks. Its kind of wonky and Airfix could do something like Eduard it would simplify matters.

    I wonder if Airfix went to a museum and scanned the real deal for measurements. Like they did with the Mustang.

    The late Bob Pond had a Spitfire XIV in his collection. I would see it at the Planes of Fame East before they moved the collection to Palm Springs. It seldom flew but, when it did it took up a lot of airspace in a little amount of time. For a Spitfire its really is a brute or a Spit on steroids with the Griffon providing all of the muscle with out the finesse
    and the elan of Merlin powered Spit.

  8. Thanks for sharing the news, TC.

  9. Excellent news a new xiv!

  10. Love it but as you said, the high back version would have been the more logical way to go. Maybe a Christmas surprise?

  11. In the end…
    That s great, but Wish it was in 1/32 scale.

  12. Well, Thanks for sharing the news, Tom @tcinla. Looks like there’s a new Airfix Spitfire with Bubble top & square wings in my future!

    While I’m not one of the NON-Spit fans (I love ’em all!) I actually prefer the look of these rather than the ‘high-back’ versions. I’m quirky that way, I guess. Heck, my favorite Supermarine A/C was the racing floatplane, which apparently was this one’s Grandfather … or would it be the Great Grandfather? No matter.

  13. Great news. Doesn’t she look beautiful? Roll on 2019. Xtradecal sheets X48-127 & X48-130 have six different bubble top Mk.XIVs between them, plus Mk.XVIIIs as well as several high back XIVs. Looks like I’ll have to order up big time! Thanks for the heads up Tom; looks like a busy year ahead!

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