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Diorama “Achtung Mosquito !” , Tamiya Kit 1:32

Hi friends, after a year of construction I finished a diorama with Tamiya Mosquito in Scale 1:32
I try to portray my dioramas historically. In this case I have 8 books with photos of WW II helped … Have fun …

40 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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Tamiya 60326 1/32 De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI

25 responses to Diorama “Achtung Mosquito !” , Tamiya Kit 1:32

  1. WoW! Heinrich, this is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL diorama! Your research really paid off. All the wiring and so many other little details make this one of the finest dioramas I’ve ever seen.

    Welcome to iModeler! It’s great to have you here.

  2. Heinrich, this is amazing. The technical aspects are fantastic but it the feel of the build that impresses me the so much. From the level of detail to the positioning and postures of the figures it is captivating.


  3. Hi Jeff and David, thank you for your positive review! I am very pleased ! With best wishes, Heinrich

  4. One of the best all-around presentations I’ve seen – congrats on a great job and welcome to the site.

  5. Colossal diorama by all means. I like the details and the seamless paint on the Mosquito and the very realistic look and pose of the figures. Overall amazing work

  6. Heinrich, Nice job. A lot fo work went into your dio. Well done!

  7. Beautiful work, particularly the figures – I can almost read the dialogue between them.

    One faux paus (not a complaint). The “Cookie” was never ever carried by an FB 6 Mosquito. Pull it from the diorama and save it for a H-K Mosquito B. Mk. IV or the IV/XVI kit – the bombers carried the cookies. They’re nice kits too.

    • Hi Tom, thanks for your comment on the cookie bomb. You’re absolutely right. Mosquito Mk VI was “fighter” not “bomber” plane. I symbolically showed how a cookie is transported to another plane … Wanted to show what the Poles wrote on the bombs. Motif for the caption I have taken from the book “Lancaster at War” …
      Greetings and thanks for positive review!

  8. Oh yea!!!!!
    Wow, that is lovely, I gotta get one of those

  9. Heinrich, this is outstanding. Its nice to view a model and actually see something new, like the walkways applied to wings for the workers to walk on. Nice touch ! I can see you put a lot of thought and creativity into this. Well done !
    No offense to Tom (above), but leave the “Cookie”, it was just being towed by to be loaded into the Lancaster parked next to this, and I think it adds a lot to the over all scene.

  10. I appreciate this long effort Heinrich, the result is an absolute masterpiece. Even the figures look very lively, would love to see some close-ups there! Kudo’s

  11. Hi Heinrich – That”s one very complicated diorama, but oh so realistic with such great attention to detail and atmosphere. Congratulations on something that must have kept you occupied for months – Paul

  12. Heinrich, I just spotted the HR Geiger ‘Alien’ in your dio background. There’s a couple of photos around of my workspace where you’ll see the same thing. Nice to know you are a fan.

  13. Hi Heinrich, please put this diorama into the contest at Scale Model World in Telford this year and get another RAF Bomber Command Award………KR Georg Menke

  14. Hi friends! thank you all for positive reviews !!! Best regards

  15. Mosquito diorama – historical background. Mosquito MK Code Letters SMZ, P-1762, NT 145 (305 polish Squadron) was flown by uncle my good friend. To honor the uncle, I built the diorama.
    F / O Wator and navigator St. Wator was shot down in a deployment over France with a direct flak hit. Both pilots lie in the cemetery in Abbeville.
    Code letter and RAF Roundels no decals all made with airbrush.
    Generally the model is very good quality, but decals way too thick !!! Had to resort to “We transfer” …

  16. 3 Words…..wonderful, wonderful, WONDERful.

  17. Stunning work Heinrich.

  18. Excellent! Love all the detail, and some of the details you showed of the extra work you did. Love it.

  19. Absolutely outstanding work Heinrich, you’ve captured lots of marvelously detail in that dio. Excellent, just excellent work, and welcome aboard.

  20. Breathtaking! And the bomb is just fine as it is. There is always a blowhard in every forum trying to tell other people what to do. It’s not a “faux pas” at all based on your explanation.

  21. Wow, this is a fantastic diorama! I love it!

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