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French Somua S35 – Battle of France, May 1940

An area of WW2 modeling I havent done before is French. Always been keen to do some of their tanks as they are always a bit clunky / unusual looking. This Somua was actuually really fun to build and has quite a cool look about it once complete. The tracks are individual links that snap together nicely. A basic interior would have been a good inclusion with the kit as there is a large side door you can have open to view inside (I was lazy and are not great at scratch building so left it closed). The soldiers are ICM WW1 troops to which I added WW2 French equipment and heads from the spare box. A lot of the french uniform (and equipment) in 1940 was old WW1 stock anyway. This was a fun build that I kept coming back to between other builds but have now finally finished.

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6 responses to French Somua S35 – Battle of France, May 1940

  1. Nice little diorama, Carl….good work.

  2. Great diorama and something different!

  3. Cool tank! What a strange “waterline” between camo and rust…

  4. Nice Dio, good job. Love the paint work and weathering. What model is the tank? Cool looking unique tank. Really great camo job on the tank.

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