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Hasegawa Fw 190A-5 “Japanese Army”

This was one of Hasegawa´s many special boxings of the Fw 190, this time including a single option for a Japanese Fw 190.
The Fw 190 was sent to Japan from Germany thanks to a technological cooperation agreement between the two nations.

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9 responses to Hasegawa Fw 190A-5 “Japanese Army”

  1. Now that’s unusual! Nice work.

  2. Great work, Francisco! I love seeing military vehicles in unusual paint schemes. I have a small collection of photos of “captured” aircraft with the captor’s markings. While this was a gift, not a capture, it looks great.

  3. Nice-lookin’ build right there, my friend.

  4. Didn’t know the Japanese had any FW 190’s. Will definitely look it to this. An excellent paint job BTW.

  5. As has been noted, this is a very familiar bird in very unusual plumage. There’s something a little ‘anime’ about the build, may just be the Japanese markings swaying my very swayable brain.

  6. Nice work – and an unusual livery for the 190!

  7. Great and right up my alley…woof woof

  8. Thanks Francisco; very nice work, it’s too bad so many sellers jack up the price of that kit. preying on unawares buyers who might not know that it’s only the decals that are the deference, when a after market decal sheet will get you the same result. keep up the good work Steve H.

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