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  1. Some great shots again Rob thanks, #6 the girl is painting the blue markings yet she is leaning on the blue paint ,silly girl she'll get it all over herself. # 10 awesome shot.
    Cheers N.

  2. Love the stealth fighter shot!

  3. Thanks, Rob...that "turkey feathers" shot is akin to 'op-art' almost.

  4. A pitching and rolling deck, it's a wonder it recovered.

    • The CVLs, being built on cruiser hulls, were notoriously top-heavy. The seven CVLs suffered the most in Halsey's typhoons in December 1944 and June 1945. USS Monterey took a roll like this at night in the middle of the December Typhoon Cobra, and aircraft on the hangar deck slammed into each other and caught fire. The only reason they didn't abandon ship as the fire spread was they were in the middle of a typhoon and couldn't, so they fought the fires all night and eventually saved the ship. This is a well-known photo of San Jacinto ("Flagship of the Texas Navy") taking a 30-degree roll.

  5. Seeing that WWII era carrier in heavy seas reminds when on a modern CVN in heavy seas, the flight deck is about 12 stories high from the surface. The island superstructure is another 12 stories high at about the vultures row point. while standing watch looking about and seeing the escorts porpoising out of the water those poor guys in the destroyers and frigates were not having a good time, despite being up high, I was still getting soaked from the ocean spray. Mother nature doesn't care how big of a boat your sailing on, she still rules the seas. Though I was so glad being on the USS Enterprise at the time, much more stable in heavy seas.

    • My motto as a lowly airman was 'nothing less then a thousand feet'. Similarly, while on the Sara, as I watched the 'small boys' come along side to take on fuel in the middle of the Atlantic and watching the bos'ns getting drenched while pulling in the fuel lines I was glad that I was seventy feet above them.

  6. How many men does it take to gift wrap an airplane? Great pics, as always. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Never under estimate military humor. Laughed out loud upon viewing #10

  8. Yep - me too - love the stealth pic!

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