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The First World War in the Air, RAF Hendon Museum

I made my way down to north London today, to the RAF Museum at Hendon, which in fact is four separate museums within several hangers. I went specifically to see the First World War in the Air display, which has a complete hanger of its own, and I wasn’t disappointed. The curators have done an outstanding job.

I visited the other hangers as well, and took a number of photos, but I’ve seen these a couple of times before and the displays hadn’t changed as far as I could tell. Still, all worth seeing if you’re down that way.

77 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses to The First World War in the Air, RAF Hendon Museum

  1. Ironic that a fictitious caricature named “Harry Potter” is better known than the Harry Potter who salvaged the Red Baron’s triplane. It’s amazing how many soldiers collected souvenirs, you wonder what was left of the Baron’s aircraft after being salvaged by people.

    Great photo’s Rob, a little green with envy and hobbled by a thousand miles. Thank you for posting. Definitely a museum for the bucket list.

    • In one of the cabinets there was part of a Gotha prop and what looked like the rudder of a Fokker.

      In the museum shop there was an actual Sopwith prop for sale: £255. I said to my lovely wife, “Hmm, that looks interesting; I might buy that…” to which she replied, “OK, but which one of your ships is making way for it?” Not only good looking, but savvy, too….

      • My better half likes to remind me;”A good marriage is a happy wife.” I’ve dragged her to more airports …while looking at aircraft. Two thumbs up for your wife taking one for the team. Had I been there, you’d come home with the prop …and the plane. It’s a good thing there are smart savvy women…

        I’ve learned to go to farmers markets and garden stores to keep things balanced. Something that makes her happy…

  2. As Stephen just said, great photo’s Rob, and thanks for the tour.

  3. Great photos Rob. One of the best parts of the Museum now, I think.

  4. Very nice!! Thanks for sharing. I’ll soon be subjecting my wife to the Naval Air museum at Pensacola Fla., maybe I can pick up a nose wheel door of an F-4 there , ha ha.

  5. Thanks for sharing. The RE8 and Dolphin photos much appreciated since I have those kits to do.

  6. This looks like something I need to definitely add to my “bucket list”……………. Thanks for sharing these photos with us Rob. I especially like the close up detail pictures. I didn’t know they had a Fokker D7 there………..the lozenge colors and close ups are amazing. Cool stuff indeed !!!

    This photo set will be used for several of my 1/6 scale RC builds. Thanks again !!!

  7. Great pics Rob, thanks for sharing.

  8. Great photos, Rob. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great photos,
    Thanks for sharing
    I gotta get to Hendon again

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