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The Royal Treatment

I’d never discovered Eduard’s ‘Royal Class’ collection before so wanted to share this gift that came my way for my birthday.

Beautiful box , which is both a strange and geeky thing to say, but the line drawing and understated presentation are lovely.

Inside, you get the usual immaculate Eduard product – in this case two 1/72 scale FW190 A8’s. Why two? To be honest, who cares, it’s twice the fun.

In terms of decals, there are Cartograf markings for 12 (twelve) different aircraft and the drawings for decals and colours are just wonderful. I’m a real fan of profile line drawings of aircraft an these are exceptional examples on top quality paper.

You also get Photo Etch, Masks, Resin, excellent Instrument Panel work, and Harnesses.

And in the vaudeville tradition of keeping the best ‘till last, we have a genuine piece of an FW 190 A-8 with certificate of authenticity…

And the piece de resistance, a just beautiful bier glass with the JG 1 emblem.

Eduard have a series of the kits, including biplanes and jet fighters. I sincerely recommend this lovely package as a treat…now where is my Bavarian Bier?

26 responses to The Royal Treatment

  1. Wow! I want one of this (or two in the same case 🙂 )

  2. That’s quite the package, David. The 190 is my favorite German aircraft. I’ll be interested to see the scheme choices you make with these kits.

  3. Thanks, John. Loved your Harrier in those Spanish colors. I think I’ll have to come up with a dio for the two butcher birds…

  4. I don’t think it’ll be the last of the series I’ll be buying, Sr Cubas.

  5. Awww…birthday boy smiley smiley 😁

  6. Shucks, Rob, I just blushed.

  7. You’re going to love the models. Eduard’s 1/72 190s are in their way as cool as the new 1/48 kits (in fact, the 1/72 kits were the inspiration to modernize the 1/48 kits).

  8. Time to get some Oktoberfest in that glass and begin building!

  9. Hey David. Thats a nice gift you got there. Love the profiles. It would almost be a shame to build them. But definitely fill that glass. Enjoy buddy, enjoy!

  10. Happy Birthday David!



  11. What a nice gift, and a beer glass as well! Life is good ! And have a Happy Birthday David.

  12. @dolfdylan and @tom-bebout – thanks and appreciate the messages. Having a lovely and relaxed weekend.

  13. what a fine gift…that keeps on giving ;o)

  14. This is the perfect birthday gift !!!! It has everything you can ever ask for. Even down to the actual part of an original wreck. The JG-1 beir glass is like icing on the cake.

    If you’re like me, the FW is my favorite Luftwaffe aircraft.

    Hope you have a great birthday weekend.

  15. Agreed, Louis; it’s a perfect gift – something very special indeed that works on many different levels. Even the box is impressive. Each of Eduard’s subjects in their ‘Royal Class’ range have unique additions that reflect the aircraft themselves – a truly stunning run of kits.

  16. Happy Birthday!

    ‘Men of the plastic’ are surely just about the easiest to buy for when the time comes around – and this is a spectacular choice by your gift-giver!

    Thanks for the guided tour – these are going to be great!!

  17. Cheers, Paul. About the only thing I can see missing in the box is the masseuse to gently rub your shoulders while you build the 190’s.

    Can’t recommend this range highly enough.

  18. Happy Birthday! What a great-looking gift, and in 1/72 to boot! I’m drooling all over myself over here – need that glass to catch the spill!!

  19. Really nice. I got their 1/48 Bf 109F Royal kit for Christmas two years ago. It’s so amazing and pretty at the same time that I haven’t started it yet. They are the REAL deal.

  20. David,
    I sure hope your Birthday was a great one. With this kit as a gift it sure looks like it was.
    I look forward to seeing more about this one.
    I’m actually contemplating a Royal Class kit myself – the Bf109f in 1/48th scale. I downloaded the instructions and they are VERY interesting. Hopefully, my meager skills will be up to the task!

    Take care, my friend! Besides the single malt, did you have any of Scotland’s OTHER fine drink on your special day? If not, have an IRN BRU for me … then pass the Scotch.

  21. Hey, Jeff – do yourself a favour and get the 109f kit. It’s a beauty and with that one you get the 1/4 scale instrument panel (which is an amazing kit in its own right and a great and unusual piece) and the steel coffee mug. These packages are brilliant.

    Great to hear from you and hope all’s well in the family.

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