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Today we’re securing iModeler with https encryption

Dear all,

As of today, iModeler uses https for all users and visitors. This means that whenever you access our site, your browser will send and receive data from it using a secure, encrypted connection. This will be indicated by the “https” rather than “http” in

As we are now enforcing https on all pages, there are two points to consider for you as a user:
– Your existing bookmarks or links to iModeler will continue to work without any changes.
– At the point of transition, meaning accessing this site the first time after my writing this message, you will be logged out. You just need to log in again and continue as usual.

Using encryption makes the communication between your computer, table or phone and the iModeler servers more secure, depriving any potential hackers a possibility to intercept your posts, login credentials, private messages or simply discovering what pages you’re visiting.

Using https:// is considered to be a current best practice for high-end websites, and is just the next step in our continuous work to maintain high security of this site and your data.

Happy posting!

6 responses to Today we’re securing iModeler with https encryption

  1. Thanks for the “heads-up’, Martin (and for your teams’ continued efforts). I had wondered why I had to log in again the last time I clicked on the site. 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the effort. Sounds good!

  3. Thanks for the hard work you guys put in.

  4. In step with the times! And this is very correct.

  5. Dear Editor,
    Thanks for the information and the good work the Staff is performing.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

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