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Finally completed this two year shelf of doom…

Finally completed this two year shelf of doom project. Eduard ( Academy ) F-4B with the Eduard Resin Wheels , Burner cans and ejection seats. Used the Yankee Station Mig kill decals. Painted with Tamiya paints and Mig wash . Hope you enjoy 🙂

43016089_271904806995656_1323652974383202304_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

43128623_271904923662311_4478894155145150464_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

43138797_271904870328983_6761479607213359104_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

43164536_271904830328987_6392097065249275904_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

43172452_271904916995645_2156938009184829440_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

43193421_271904940328976_820632108392251392_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

43275578_271904863662317_602628261461098496_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr


14 responses to Finally completed this two year shelf of doom…

  1. I’d like to see more inside the cockpit. From these photos it looks minutely accurate. The pilots helmets look great.

  2. Brilliant detail and looks just great. Rob and Craig will be along soon to tell you the same thing…

    Well done!

  3. Very nice result. I like the realistic look to the weathering.

  4. Why was this beauty a shelf queen? It’s very good, a solid build

  5. Really like it!! What Tamiya colours did you use?

  6. Another example of the “Dogfights” series….’Migs in May for Midway” (or something like that) – nice job, my friend.

  7. Well spent two years, Brian! Looks really nice!

  8. Very nice, I have found it is a pretty decent kit, but you have to do some fitting and fiddling to get everything to fit. Mine is going ok so far almost no filler.

  9. Phabulous Phantom! did you scratch build the bridle cables and cat.?

  10. A great looking Phantom! Weathering looks good.

  11. Looks like a magnificent build to me Brian. Finish, weathering & details all look first class to me. If this is an example of what you keep on your shelf of doom, please post some more!

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