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Hasegawa 1/72 Macross Ve-11R Thunderseeker

Finally finished something other than figures. This is a 1/72 Hasegawa kit based on the Japanese anime series Macross. Hasegawa has been slowly increasing their line of these jets. The fit is not Tamiya but its not too bad. It goes from amazing fit in some places to ok in others. But overall it was fun to do and was not a very expensive kit. Good fun if you want something different.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses to Hasegawa 1/72 Macross Ve-11R Thunderseeker

  1. Looks great. It looks like they turned a Super Valkyrie into an AWACS. I like the evolutionary design stemming from the original VF series. You say Hasegawa is expanding the Macross jets. Any word of the Cat’s Eye recon plane from the original Macross? You should definitely enter this in the iModeler at the Movies group build!!

    • That is exactly what they did. In the series and with the kit. Its the Super VT with a extra sprue. I think there was 4 new ones this year based on Macross Delta. Variations of the Saab Draken which is interesting. To my knowledge no one has ever done a Cat’s Eye which is surprising.

  2. This sounds like an 80’s hair metal band…THUNDERSEEKER!!!! Supported by NIGHT STALKERS!!!!

    Great work, Aaron. The Anime builds are really interesting. If you wanted to I’d be honoured if you’d join the ‘iModeler at the Movies’ group build and post this under the group also?

    Well done on a different and skilful piece of work.

    • Music has always been a big part of Macross. Though often more pop than rock and roll. The mecha designs though have always been totally awesome and pretty interesting. They can make a nice break from the military stuff which often lately seems to quickly degenerate into “that’s one shade off olive drab. its not historically accurate to the faded picture I have. You should only build what I think is right.” Blah! I love Sci-fi as you can for the most part just do whatever you like, and the Macross line now has about 16 to 20 kits so there is a cool level of variety.

  3. VERY nicely done, Aaron! Some of those fantasy craft look really cool!

  4. Really cool build! I love this sort of thing.

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