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No Comment 71

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8 responses to No Comment 71

  1. Usual thought provoking collection, Rob. Blackbasing…filthy habit that is often a direct result of solvent abuse.

  2. Always an interesting selection, Rob….(especially that first one).

  3. Rob, I’m guessing by the shape of the items in number two they are Tiger turrets, I was confused for a while as I thought it was wood they were shaping. Then I thought, that’s the whole point of ‘no comment’.

    • I believe you are right David, on closer inspection it appears that they are cold rolling with a press (the appendage above) to form the shape. The shape that is being hoisted is probably going back to a furnace for annealing. Just guessing based upon my experience with Steel mills and fabrication procedures. By today’s standards, this would have been hot rolled to very exacting limitations. Pretty cool find I think.

      • Yes, Tiger turrets.

        • VERY cool find. Never seen a photo showing this process, the only giveaway is that distinctive shape of the Tiger’s turret. Even out of context like this it is a very familiar outline to a modeler.

          • Actually thought No. 5 might attract more interest. You can never second-guess iM viewers….

            1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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