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No Comment 73

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14 responses to No Comment 73

  1. You may as well call this series, ‘diorama bait for David’.

    Evocative and thought provoking in equal measures.

  2. That VW reminds me of that Bonnie & Clyde thing. 🙁

  3. I’ve ridden in a few VWs in my time. Had a room mate that thought it was good fun to tap the brakes and watch my nose
    touch the flat glass on the windshield. But, that Bug in the photo is only good for toy metal. I wonder what is left on the drivers side door…doesn’t look too pretty. It ain’t Dean Jones.

  4. That Nashorn looks band new…there goes the weathering

  5. The guys on Wheeler Dealers could restore the VW. Think that tank destroyer made it across that log bridge? #4

  6. One careful owner,air conditioning, light weight body work…
    Nice selection as usual Rob!

  7. “Air conditioning” – comment of the month!


  8. Great set ,is that Malta in the background in #2 ?

  9. I like the bird having a drink.

    The guys working on the tanks reminded me of my youth. Weekends were often spent doing field service on bulldozers.

  10. If that VW still existed it would be worth a fortune as is. What a horrendous time in history.

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