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  1. Wait...don't tell me - a CAT-scan, right ? 🙂

  2. Cat-Scan! Looks to me like that soldier will get nothing but a crappy view of what he's trying to see ...
    And perhaps some fresh scratches.

    All those SBDs left to rot ... so sad!

  3. The SBD photo shows “queenie” as the forefront plane, and judging by the number of mission marks it served for quite awhile. Still the fading and general wear’n tear isn’t that much noticeable in my opinion, even considering the derelicted, sorrowful state of all airframes.
    The Weligton photo is also very nice

  4. They DO look well used.

  5. I could use that hand.

  6. “Cat-Scan”. Very kitty...sorry, witty.

    Great photos!

  7. Night vision scanner.

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