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No Comment 75

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11 responses to No Comment 75

  1. What the hell IS that with the guys’ feet stickin’ out? Never seen one of them before.

  2. Photo #5 When there’s a war on but you feel like a tourist in Italy

  3. A Hetzer – every family photographer should have one!

  4. This grouping is extra interesting. Thanks, Rob.

  5. Another great crop. That one man tank is literally a death trap.

  6. My grandsons (whom I just visited in Croatia) would LOVE to have their own personal armor suit / tank like that guy!

  7. Ok, Rob, I give up. What’s the airplane on floats in the first photo? I thought it might have been a Blackburn something or another, but I don’t think they ever made an airplane that nice looking…

  8. Interesting pics!

  9. It’s a way to get through the barbed wire, is it not?

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