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No|Comment 77

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  1. Very nice grouping, Rob! I love the “maintenance” shots, especially.

  2. Ahhhhhh. Nothing like taking time out to enjoy an ice cream cone whilst sitting on a mine….

  3. I think I’d want that target plane a little higher if I was drivin’ that jeep. 🙁

  4. @robbo I liked the last one best, on mindfulness… There must be an equivalent for our wives, with stashes full of shoes or cupboards full of clothes… Whatever makes you happy!

  5. ‘The Elephant and the Albatros’ -best dio ever!

  6. Like that last one a lot 🙂

    Even though inner peace starts with whatever fits each one of us, having a stash like that one can probably be considered a headache for some… “which one to build next?!…” lol…



    • Yes, don’t keep a stash myself, only the one project at a time. I know guys who have a loft/garage/basement full of kits. I think everyone recognises that if you have this many kits, these are kits that will never be built. Seems more of a comfort thing, or something.

      • Hi Rob (@robbo)

        I do have a small stash, but it was not really on purpose, as the kits/models on my stash were supposed to have been built long ago. Circumstances of life made me be away from the hobby for decades, only returning recently.

        I do have a few kits that I bought back then (I admit I have the soul of a collector), others were gifts from people who knew I used to model, so I did indeed accumulate a large card box of stuff, but nothing that could be compared to some stashes some people do have, and indeed, in most cases, will never be able to build them…

        All kits/models I’ve been building are from my old small stash. Only buying a couple of busts now, but I intend to build and paint most of them 😉



  7. Hmmm. I wonder if that boy in the #1 photo was the inspiration for a certain AC/DC song?

  8. The Canberra bomber, what a crazy design. Three aircrew, two parachutes. The third guy is on the floor, from memory, he is either or both navigator bombardier. There is no room for both him and parachute.

    As for the elephant. I have a photo of an Indian elephant doing the same thing.

  9. Rob this is another great selection of pictures. Between this “No Comment” section and now David LS with his “On this day” series, you guys make my day on a regular basis.

    Thank you.

  10. Definitely no comments for the mine shot…..

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