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On This Day 22nd October…

The battle of Stalingrad was the largest conflict in the history of warfare. Around two million people were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner (read, killed) in the five month German offensive and Russian defence. This photo was taken on 22nd October and shows soldiers of the Air Force clearing buildings after Luftwaffe bombings…

Soviet T-34 tank of 36th Guards Tank Brigade moving into in Belgrade, ‘Yugoslavia’, 22nd Oct 1944.

German submarine U-537 in Martin Bay, Labrador, Newfoundland (Canada) on 22 Oct 1943.

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  1. What’s your source for all these photos…?

  2. Verry interesting.

  3. Another excellent posting………………. thanks for taking the time. I really enjoy these articles. My hat goes off to you and Rob for his “No Comment” articles.

  4. Love these – and you guys (David/Rob) have WAYYYYY too much time on your hand! (good thing for the rest of us…)

  5. Oh, my giddy aunt! No, Greg, not too much time, just a bit obsessed…just a bit obsessed.

  6. Jeff, this IS my sublimation. I have several dark and terrible urges and if it weren’t for modelling I’d be in a little room with soft walls doing hard time.

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