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On This Day…October 26th.

A momentous day for iModelers. One of the truly great fighters of World War II, the P-51 was first flown today on 26 October 1940. At Mines Field, Los Angeles, California (now, Los Angeles International Airport), test pilot Vance Breese took the prototype North American Aviation NA-73X (NX19998) on a five-minute first flight.

The US Navy has long had a tradition of initiating ‘Polywogs’ into ‘Shellbacks’. The ‘subpoena’ below was issued to FN Gilreath on October 26th, 1943 as the USS Essex crossed the equator.

A stricken ‘kamikaze’ aircteft falling astern of the USS Petrof Bay, Philippine Islands, 26 Oct 1944.

14 responses to On This Day…October 26th.

  1. Now THAT is noteworthy (and it appears the tail structure was blown off of that kamikaze aircraft).

  2. Happy birthday Mustang!!

  3. All great history nuggets.

  4. It’s interesting that Essex would take time to do a Line Crossing, given that she and Bunker Hill were in a mad dash from Pearl Harbor to Noumea, to reinforce Halsey in the face of the oncoming Japanese Eighth Fleet’s attack at Bougainville.

  5. Excellent photos as usual………………… Thanks !!!

  6. Outstanding group, David! I’m humming the Happy Birthday song to the Mustang right now!


  7. IMHO…the greatest airplane ever built 🙂 thanks for posting this.


  8. Jim, I don’t think you’d get too many folks here arguing with you, even if they have their own favourites.


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