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On This Day…October 30th.

On October 30th, 1938 Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre, New York City, staged a radio adaptation of the H. G. Wells novel ‘The War of the Worlds’ in an “as live” format that fooled at least some Americans into believing that Martians really were invading the United States. There were reports of people panicking in the street and even some suicides, stories which are now known to be exaggerated. However, it did cause a rather big fuss.

Beautiful shot of a SOC-1 Seagull aircraft parked on the seaplane apron at a Naval Air Station (exact location unknown) in the US.

Lieutenant R. S. Evarts posing with his TBF Avenger aboard USS Coral Sea, 30 Oct 1943.

Bristol Beaufighter (Mk. 1 – R2065) from No. 219 Squadron. On 30 October 1940, this aircraft took off from Redhill Airfield near London for its nightly patrol but crashed while landing due to poor visibility. The crash killed the pilot Kenneth Worsdell and gunner Sergeant Eric Gardiner.

The wreck of a B-17 (a model 299) on October 30th, 1935. The first flight of the B-17 was only three months before, on July 28th.


USS Yorktown anchored at Hampton Roads, Virginia, 30 Oct 1937

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  1. Some nice photos here David!
    I like the SOC 1 Seagull. It’s obviously not going anywhere!
    There was one ( or bits of one !) in the Kermit Weeks collection.
    Thought it was #13 in Jim Harley’s @jimh post but no, more likely a swordfish!

  2. Another historic “day” in photos. 🙂

  3. My father said he remembered the broadcast, knew it was a story, he’d read the book.

  4. Contrary to popular belief, the producers did spend time at the beginning of the show explaining that it was a dramatisation of a work fiction. Kudos on your dad for reading Wells – a man of vision (both HG and your father).

  5. Good stuff, David!

  6. Another great posting David. I look forward to seeing your next edition…….

    It literally makes my day. Thanks

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